Tolu Amadi, the founder of  Aceit Digital on a desk with her laptop and phone recounting the year 2021

The year 2021 was definitely the year of planting seeds. Whether we realized this or not it was the year we all started that side hustle, set up a business, took decisions we never would have otherwise taken. All of these were done mostly from the comfort of our homes…

Business and Technical support increase business efficiency

Are you overwhelmed with all the technology and software options for your business?

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Aceit Digital helps entrepreneurs get their business back on track, by helping them create streamlined online business technology and processes that are scalable and profitable.

We support businesses in understanding and implementing technical systems and processes to scale their business with clarity and ease. With our superior, diverse technical knowledge and…

As a tech virtual assistant and web developer, I use “page ruler” to help me with accurate measurements on a site. This page ruler works in my browser as a chrome extension. According to google, extensions are small software programs that customize your browsing experience. They enable users to tailor…

Tolu Amadi

I’m a Digital tech systems specialist and a web developer. I help businesses stay on track with the right tech.

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